About Us

About Us Comms Source LTD, a leading telecom and IT provider serving England and Wales since 2003. for more than a decade of experience, we provide cutting edge solutions to businesses in need of help with telecom or IT systems. Our specialist team offers experience, knowledge and a commitment to providing the utmost in terms of service.

Why Choose Comms Source LTD for Telecom Installation? Installing your company’s telecom system is a delicate process. Inexpert installation can have disastrous results for your short and long-term success, including:

  • Unreliable operation

  • Unreliable connectivity

  • On-going costs to repair/replace/reinstall components.

  • Poor performance

Comms Source LTD offers fully trained, certified installation experts. Our professionals ensure that the job is done correctly, the first time, and have built a reputation for excellence thanks to our commitment to quality service and responsibility. We can install a full range of Avaya BCM telephone systems and accessories, as well as Avaya IP office solutions, anywhere in the UK.

However, for businesses with in-house telephone service professionals, we can also provide a selfinstallation kit (our technical support team will be available for businesses utilising our self-installation kit).

Cabling for Voice and Data Telecom solutions are our business, and we can both supply and install extensions and telephones for any business model. This is of significant benefits to businesses with older telephone systems, as it ensures that individual handsets and other components can be replaced without the need to replace the entire network.

However, for businesses in need of new or upgraded telephone or data systems, Comms Source LTD offers industry-best service. We use CAT 5e and CAT 6 data cabling to combine both your computer network and your telephone network into a single application. Moreover, our service includes everything required, from trunks to sockets, adapters and all other materials. Our certified engineers design the network to meet your requirements and the professional install all cabling themselves.

Troubleshooting Needs Your business cannot afford to sacrifice communication reliability or stability. We understand that need, and offer full troubleshooting and repair services. Our expert technicians will troubleshoot the line up to the business premises for faults, and trace all lines back to individual phones to determine the exact number and scope of faults within the network.

Advice and Assistance In addition to troubleshooting, installing and customisation of telecom and IT networks, Comms Source LTD can also offer a wide variety of advice and assistance to help determine the right course of action for your specific requirements. We can help with:

  • Repairing or Upgrade existing telephone system or networks at your business

  • Relocate an existing telephone or IT network to a new business location

  • Plan, design and install a custom telephone or IT network for your business

  • Provide professional, certified installation service

  • Provide industry-best user training on all telephone and IT networks

Free Site Survey We provide a free site visit where one of our highly qualified telephone system professionals and IT consultant will visit you. Our professionals will analyse your current IT and communications infrastructure to get an understanding of your business requirements. A one-size-fit all approach to IT communication is not the best way to obtain great value for money, which is why we aim to review what you require and then build a strategy around your requirements. With a free appraisal on offer, this may be the best opportunity for your business to re-organise itself to provide a better service to customers.